Our services

CVS offers to its clients a wide range of dedicated ancillary services which have become a loyalty tool over the years:

Progettazione personalizzata

3D custom design

Our technical office creates a three-dimensional custom design and can develop a project in rendering with the simulation of the furniture, installations and accessories, by making use of advanced softwares and keeping in close contact with the client.

In addition to the communication impact that a realistic view gives to the client, 3D design is a key element to highlight the different design ideas in order to determine their strong points. The CVS design office pays attention to the last detail, to functionality, design and aesthetics, by always choosing the best approved and certified materials and equipment available on the market, so as to manufacture high-performing mobile units.

We study appropriate solutions on the basis of the systems installed aboard the vehicle and of the climatic and environmental conditions that characterize the destination site. CVS always operates in complete accordance with the regulation in force and issues the certification for all the designed and manufactured systems.

At the end of the manufacture of every mobile unit, CVS takes care of the testing procedure and the approval as “Special Purpose Vehicle - Single Unit” at the Motor Vehicle Office, as well as the registration in the National Vehicle Register.

Possibilità di visionare le fasi di lavorazione

On-line progress of work

Log in to the website www.cvs.it and use your access details (username and password) provided at the beginning of manufacture to check the production progress.

Our clients can monitor the development of the stages of production of their mobile unit through pictures and videos, sharing documents and comments with the technical office.

Manuale uso e manutenzione

Transfer service

Transfer service for clients to and from our headquarters, train station, airports.

Manuale uso e manutenzione

Custom user and maintenance manual

Custom user and maintenance manual provided on paper and electronically, written in a clear and comprehensive way to facilitate the use of the mobile unit and to let the client discover all the potential of the vehicle by minimizing the need for assistance and intervention. The various data sheets as well as the manuals and certifications of all the equipment and devices installed on-board the vehicle will be an integral part of the handbook.



A brief training course (lasting approximately 3-4 hours) will be carried out before the vehicle delivery for who will use it. The procedures to follow will be explained to ensure the proper use both of the mobile unit and the installed equipment. Please note that since this training course is specific and aimed solely at the use of the vehicle, it does not replace the mandatory training in accordance with the Legislative Decree No 81/2008 that is up to the employer towards his/her employees.

Assistenza tecnica post-vendita

Phone help-desk

Phone help-desk 24 hours a day and 365 days a year in order to give information and efficient support to our clients and to interact with them to find a solution to technical problems.

Assistenza tecnica post-vendita

After-sales assistance

After-sales assistance with management of normal and/or exceptional maintenance, directly in our headquarters and/or at our local partners', that are placed throughout the national and international territory.

For CVS the after-sales service is essential and so as to keep its level high, at the time of vehicle delivery any technical assistance and normal maintenance activities will be scheduled and organized, so that the client can enjoy a programme made by measures aimed at preserving the efficiency and safety of the mobile unit.

Subsequently CVS will contact the client to arrange any interventions of exceptional maintenance and/or changes, substitutions and implementations. This service contributed to our customers' loyalty and we guarantee them the efficiency and longevity of their vehicles, also using trade agreements and personalized assistance. We also provide the vehicle pick up and delivery service at the client's headquarters (for national clients).

Servizi finanziari

Financial Services

CVS provides personalized financial solutions able to guarantee favourable terms in order to optimize the cooperation with its clients and offer them the opportunity to realize projects and investments. The services are aimed both at the purchase of the mobile unit and of any capital goods belonging to the project.

As for projects addressed to populations of developing countries in the field of health, CVS collaborates with renowned structures of the international financial sector located in London. After these organizations verify the buyer's appropriate guarantees and references, they can propose personalized financial solutions up to 80% of the investment. The great timing and professionalism of these structures which operate with CVS enable our clients to realize important projects aimed at the public good, with a strong social and medical impact and considerably short timeline.