Mobile offices

CVS is highly specialized in manufacturing mobile offices for various itinerant teaching, outreach, promotional and communication activities. The different needs of our clients gave us the opportunity of broadening our professional horizons and studying different solutions in many areas of work.

CVS can manufacture special vehicles which can be used as mobile classrooms, Info-Points, showrooms, mobile makeup rooms for cinema and shows, as well as technical shelters designed for keeping complex technical equipment for telecommunication and chemical laboratories for sampling and environmental analyses.
Our strengthened planning skills, technological potential, dynamism and product versatility allow us to study solutions focused on carrying out professional activities at best, by enabling users to operate in complete comfort and security.

Our mobile offices are fitted with suitable doors for passengers with special needs and with installations and devices which allow to obtain the highest functionality and comfort during work and outreach activities. The mobile offices are customizable according to the client's needs, both in the internal furniture and fitting and in the dimension (medium, large, extra-large).

It can be fitted with every comfort: air-conditioning for any weather conditions and to any time of the year to guarantee a healthy environment, oleodynamic stabilization system managed by handheld remote control, wiring with high quality and safety standards, self-sufficiency in energy thanks to the auxiliary power generator in order to ensure that the installed equipments aboard the vehicle continue to function, wireless LAN for the exchange and sharing of data, adequate lighting for the working environment in accordance with the requirements set out in the legislation to safeguard security and welfare both of the medical staff and the patients, etc.

All the installations are designed by a team of qualified engineers and are skilfully made in accordance with the existing legislation in the field of health.