Gynaecologic clinic

A real mobile gynaecological clinic is set up in the vehicle where it is possible to do screenings for cancer prevention, easily reaching the smallest residential areas poorly served by public transport because of the conditions of the area. It can remain near hospitals, in squares, schools, parishes, local health authorities, universities, shopping centers in order to increase public awareness of the culture of prevention amongst women. In the mobile clinic there are comfortable gynaecological chairs with electric and manual adjustment and physicians can carry out cytological examinations and Pap tests. There are also the waiting room and locker rooms for pre and post examination and a fully equipped toilet.

Every mobile gynaecological clinic is customizable according to the client's needs, both in the internal furniture and fitting and in the dimension (small, medium, large, extra-large). Since it is equipped with suitable doors and telescoping wheelchair ramps for boarding and alighting, it allows the entry also to wheelchair passengers with special needs. It can be fitted with every comfort: air-conditioning for any weather conditions and to any time of the year to guarantee a healthy environment, oleodynamic stabilization system managed by handheld remote control, wiring with high quality and safety standards, self-sufficiency in energy thanks to the auxiliary power generator in order to ensure that the installed equipments aboard the vehicle continue to function, wireless LAN for the exchange and sharing of data, adequate lighting for the working environment in accordance with the requirements set out in the legislation to safeguard security and welfare both of the medical staff and the patients, etc.

All the installations are designed by a team of qualified engineers and are skilfully made in accordance with the existing legislation in the field of health.