CVS in the world

CVS worldwide

CVS started its marketing activities towards foreign markets with the aim to evaluate every single technical, medical, logistical, territorial and environmental need, and to examine the suitable solution in order to satisfy clients’ needs. In doing so, the firm can manufacture resistant, efficient, comfortable and state-of-the-art mobile units.

Our technicians assess the feasibility of the project and its design, taking into consideration environmental conditions of the various countries where the special vehicles are meant to be used, in complete accordance with the regulations in force.

In fact, thanks to the collaboration with the most important manufacturers (Mercedes, Iveco, Daf, Renault, Volvo, Fiat, etc.) we can offer vehicles with technical characteristics that are suitable for the territory and for the various needs of the client.

Especially in the health sector the benefits of the “Mobile Diagnostic Solution” are remarkable:

  • Using the constant land monitoring and the equipped Mobile Unit you can manage the activity of the health service and reach distant places. So it is possible to get to disadvantaged and dangerous areas and to zones without appropriate infrastructures.
  • You can take advantage of a team of professionals aboard the Mobile Unit in case of exceptional events, natural disasters or catastrophic events, social and health emergencies in order to give immediate assistance and respond promptly to difficulties.
  • An itinerant service that enables to reach marginalized areas leads to a considerable social impact.
  • Limited initial investments.
  • Short lead time.
  • Low operating costs.