The firm

Every firm starts from a dream and a project…

Back in 1973 the Picchi family, headed by the young Cristoforo, created the business CAR snc which operated in the caravan sector. It was distinguished by high professional service, commitment and dedication.

These features that at first characterized the founder Cristoforo and then his sons Gianluca and Ivan, in 1998 gave birth to another firm, the CVS SRL, specialized in the customized design of special vehicles.
CVS ushered in a story of innovation, quality and passion for a new modern project, that made the two businesses grow alongside thanks to the great cooperation.

The trademark CVS Design was registered and deposited at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office of the Ministry of Economic Development. It became a distinctive mark of the Made in Italy brand and company's assets.

The firm

Over the years CVS has always been distinguished by its customer focus, the personalization of planning and construction of mobile units, the attention to design, technology and innovation, becoming a reference point for professionals, especially in the health and medical sector.

The team spirit, dynamism, creativity, research, development and competitiveness contributed to the strengthening of CVS's role, putting it in a leading position at national level.

In March 2016 the two family businesses merged and brought about the creation of Costruzioni Veicoli Speciali Srl (CVS SRL).

This operation has resulted in a solid reality, and in the transformation of the firm from family-run to a modern and dynamic business group. CVS is highly forward-looking and seeks success also at international level.
CVS staff of planning and construction is made up of qualified experts who can create functional solutions targeted at satisfying customer's needs.

The full customization of the project in terms of dimension, structure and aesthetic and the integration of state-of-the-art technologies and installations necessary for the activities to be carried out ensure the construction of high-quality mobile units.

CVS guarantees the use of Italian and European materials, techniques and technologies in order to offer the greatest reliability and a remarkable quality standard.

CVS, partly thanks to ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System, ensures a perfect quality control in every production phase.

The activity starts with a thorough study of the feasibility of the client's specific needs. Then it continues with the project's development and the manufacture of the mobile unit. Finally it ends with meticulous checks and tests on the completed vehicle on the ground.

CVS also takes care of the testing at the Motor Vehicle Office, the registration and the obtaining of necessary certification. The after-sales service provided by dedicated staff is very accurate and careful.

Thanks to the Special Vehicles CVS' clients will have the opportunity to carry out their activity while traveling, enjoying the greatest comfort and security, both for professionals and patients and customers as a whole.

CVS's clients can extend all the services that until now have been offered in the main headquarters and premises to a greater territory, keeping the full control of the activity and including a real-time satellite control.

Every business has humble origins and just love, passion, determination, commitment and respect for work are the potential to grow, renew and stand out in the market, without forgetting our past and retaining our own identity.