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New mobile clinic/lab
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EuropCar Project
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CVS SRL - Costruzioni Veicoli Speciali is leader in planning and construction of special vehicles. A team of professionals with long experience created the firm in 1998. In 2016 CVS merged with the business New Car and strengthened its leadership in the field of special vehicles.

CVS Clients are mainly Private Companies, Public Institutions and Private Individuals dealing with medical services, environmental services, satellite services or working in the chemical sector or in the public relations area.

Since CVS uses very modern 3D design tools and the valuable advice of engineers and experts in the field, it can manufacture functional, customized and high-quality products, both technically and aesthetically, aimed at satisfying the client's needs.

CVS's target groups are businesses, institutions and individuals that operate in the service sector in the medical, environmental, chemical, satellite and representative field. It keeps observing the market from the point of view of new possible businesses and technologies.

Excellence and innovation are increasingly becoming the differentiating elements in a dynamic and constantly growing reality like CVS.

CVS has a special access to successful firms, partly thanks to ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System obtained since 2001. It managed to gain a foothold in the market by manufacturing products for important clients at national and international level.

Latest news from CVS


January 2019

New Mobile Clinic for work medicine

Our historical customers continue to believe in CVS. All staff thank the Imolesi family for continued trust, and congratulates themselves on their continued business growth.… Read more


January 2019


We are honored that another international excellence chose CVS… Read more


January 2019

Mobile Unit of dentistry

The most modern mobile unit of Italian dentistry is branded CVS!!!The perfect combination between a client of National Fame and a company that proposes continuous innovative solutions.… Read more